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Friday, 20 September, 2013.

PeopleTalk has been asked to make a presentation at 'Borders to Cross' a conference on democratic innovation and civic driven change to be held in Amsterdam at the end of October. Borders to Cross describes itself as 'an international, mainly European conference for up to 250 government professionals, active citizens, social entrepreneurs and academics in the field of social and democratic innovation. At its heart are 40 fascinating initiatives from all over Europe and beyond.'  PeopleTalk is listed among those initiatives. Borders to Cross is not simply a one off event. The ambition is to create 'an international learning community', whose members can find out together about shifting roles, responsibilities and opportunities for linking society and democracy....

Borders to Cross was set up to respond the challenge of growing distrust in political representation and the need for 'new forms of co-creation and cooperation.' Both citizens and public officials are experimenting with new ways of doing things which are reshaping relationships with public and other stakeholders. PeopleTalk is part of this rapidly evolving movement. We are addressing the challenge of distrust in pubic life and we are developing a new form of public discourse between politicians, public servants and citizens with a view to bringing about reform in the public sector. Our participation in Borders to Cross should be both highly informative and rewarding in terms of wider contacts with groups with similar interests in other countries.